Ring size:

Different sizes exist worldwide. Ring sizes displayed below represent the inner diameter.




Please take into account these facts when determining your personal ring size:


The personal ring size may change with the lapse of time. Fingers swell at high temperatures and go down at low temperatures. Different seasons and daytimes may also affect the size of our fingers. Fingers are thicker in the evening than in the morning. If you are not sure which ring size you should pick, always take the bigger one. Also, take the bigger one if you buy a broad ring.


To identify your personal ring size, go through these steps:


The easiest way to find out your ring size is to compare it to another ring, which already fits to you perfectly. Measure the inner diameter of this ring and pick the right ring size from the table.


If there is no reference ring, cut a 5 mm wide piece of paper, wrap it around your finger very tightly and measure the length of the paper in mm. Eventually divide it by 3,1415.

This Resulting number is the inner diameter of the ring. Compare this inner diameter with the numbers in the table and pick the right ring size.


To find out your ring size you can also use this ring size pattern ( PDF).


  1. Please, fold the stencil along the lines
  2. Then cut half circles from the circle lines
  3. The resulting cleavage helps you to find out your ring size


Please note:

- Make sure that the cleavage lies on your finger tightly

- The cleavage can be tight on your knuckle

- Wide rings often have to be a little bigger than thin rings

- The number under the circles describes the diameter, the number above the circle is our ring size