About Us



A simple job that became a vocation! While selling jewelry online, I discovered my real passion: Designing! Especially in jewelry design, philosophic meanings can be delivered, which fascinates me the most.


This fascination helped me to find my true vocation that I have been striving for.




Each ornament begins with an idea. This process can take seconds, weeks, months or even years. That idea is turned into a concept  and sketched on paper. Modern technologies in 3D modelling provide us with the opportunity to turn the idea into realization.


However, each technological innovation is useless without a dedicated and passionate Team.

We produce our jewelry exclusively in Germany and delivering high-class quality is our priority.


I hope that we can fascinate you with our high-class jewelry just as it fascinates me. Our team works passionately on new collections day-in and day-out.


Owner Alexander Keilmann